The Fallen Angel form does not take on a demonic look. He has black hair with red highlights going down to his hip. He wears a white toga with the right arm ripped off. The toga goes down to the middle of his thigh. From the end of his toga he wears baggy pants that looked like they have been walked on for miles. He still has his halo, it is just worn around his neck like a dog collar. He wears steel toe boots with cleats on the bottom. He stands eight feet 3 inches tall. His eye color is golden with dots of crimson. He has four wings. Two on the top, two on the bottom. He wears a golden medieval gauntlet on his right arm.


  Shadow's Fallen Angel form was a part of God's Seraphim. He was the head of the military division of all angels. He was a close friend of Satan-Sataniel even though he was just an Archangel. Satan-Sataniel decided that he was strong enough to rule over God himself. Shadow told him not to do this but Satan-Sataniel did not listen. On the sabbath [[Satan-Sataniel] came into God's chambers with his own personal army and told God, "I will make my throne higher than the clouds over the earth and resemble 'Your power' on high!" With this one statement all of God's Seraphim surrounded Satan-Sataniel except Shadow. At this God spoke to Shadow with rage "Why do you hesitate?!" With God's wrath turned towards him Shadow was left speechless, so all he could do was look down. "And as for you Satan-Sataniel you will not get away with this! Your head will be crushed under my heel each time anyone speaks your vile name! You're no longer Satan-Sataniel, you will be called Satan you lowly insect!" He then looked towards Michael. "You are now the head of my army. And as your first order take Satan and his foolish band of vermin out of here!" Michael then turned towards Satan] and smiled while saying, "As you command my Lord." He then took out his sword and slayed Satan and all the angels behind him, and him and the other Seraphim took him out of the chambers.                                      
       God then looked to Shadow and said "You did not move when Satan came in here, but you did not rebel with him. So I will banish you, you will lose your Seraph powers, and you will lose all conection with me but you will not be cursed by me." with this he put his hand over his eyes in a sorrowful way and looked away. At that very moment his middle wings were ripped off of him. He was then escorted out by two Seraphim. He then looked back to God and only said, "May your will be done." as walking out. He then was shoved out to the wilderness by the two Seraphim and one of them told Shadow to, "Walk traitor!" for only God and Shadow knew of what went on in the room when Satan left. Shadow said nothing but just started walking out towards nothingness. After walking for two weeks through thunder storms and droughts he made it to the gates. They did not have the usual one archangel Michael gaurding it, they had two Seraphim guarding it. As he walked to the door they nodded to him and saluted him as they opened the gate. He then stood next to a gapping hole, and looked back to the Kingdom of Heaven and put his arms out to his sides and fell backwards. While falling he yelled, "God have mercy on my soul and give me back some of my power!" Then a blinding light shown alround him and God's voice echoed, "My soldier. I will push my mercy to it's limits and give you back five weapons." With that shadow hit the Earth. With that he was completely cut off from God. He fell from grace.