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The Story of The Undone God

Undone was born like most people/animals into this world.. But after the birthing and few weeks, some random 'Gods' came to her and her mother. They told her mother that she was to be a test subject. A test subject to see if giving the powers of 'God' would work like training, or if it was possible to pass it down.

It was passable alright. And luckly Undone could commit herself to this new art due to her mother not wanting anything to do with her.. Undone was cursed to be a mute.. Mother always did like her brothers and sisters more than Un, she said Un looked to much like her father.. When she was backed into a corner and questioned about her cursed whelp. Many of the fathers where in awe of Un, the fact that the little thing could fight as well as she did.

Later down the road as Undone starts to grow up, she was picked up by a "stranger" and was taken to The Kingdom Of Ziaxis.. A Techo, who bore the name, "Venlak. (Ven, l-AH-K) His dragon like scales, witch Un adored. Undone would learn to craft Chain Mail from this fellow.. And much of her creativity thankfully to him, he had a wife in this dump of Ziaxis, one who was sick.. She had some type of disease. Cancer to our eyes. The pretty little thing asked Un to make her many of things.. She did them of course. Sowing, quilting, knitting, re-painting something.. Always something to do.

After the death of his wife, Venlak became very depressed. The training of creativity and fighting had come to a halt for a few weeks, close to a few months. Long and dull did the days and nights become. Undone being a animal of sorts started to sleep out side.. The kindness the wife had for the young girl was gone, gone like her soul. Undone would make her rounds about the house, then out side she'd go.. Sitting there, watching the sun set..

After a good month or so, Un had started to lose interest in this place she now called home. The other techo's had a name for her that she wasn't to happy about. Un being a mute, she had no name.. No name at all- Other than Undone, witch she was called by Venlak.

Un could hear the name that they called her.. Being screamed.. She, in her cat from took a paw step forward, chocolate ears witch tawny tips twitching.. Something was about, something was about to go wrong.. Lower jaw departed as another scream of, Elevaift (Elly-vA-ffft) She was hit, and hit hard. Short muzzle crashing into the ground.. A massive wolf stood before her, glowing with power.. Not only where the people yelling for Elevaift, but the gaurds, the protectors of the castle.. The King and Queen. Un, being a citizen of Ziaxis, she knew it was Shadow's birthday, they're youngest son.. Anyone who was anyone was dinning with the King and Queen.. While Zanabel and her killer band of wolves and demons took out the place.. Zanabel mostly. Undone would shoot out of cat from, massive Dire Wolf would look down at the beast that dare bash into her. Standing at about twenty hands from paw to shoulder (About a clydesdale's highth) Zanabel would grin, and say something in some type of Language, Un would later learn this was Wolven she spoke.. Un had lost controll of her body.. Her movments, she was in human. Zana pulled two daggers out of no where, and threw some random leather armor to the young girl.. Un had gotten dressed, putting the armor over the old shirt and pants.. Daggers placed in her hands, Un was Zana's puppet..

After much death and massacre, jumping about four months after this, Undone was attacked by the Gods that had chosen her.. Undone was bleeding out due to a wound from one of the elite Techo guards.. Along her side. Blood would rush from the now older looking girl, maybe looking about 14.. And thats where she would stay for thousands of years. The Gods looked down at the fact Undone sloughterd so many.. So, they tought her a lesson. The blood that had started to poor from her, was drug out and forced back into her body, filling her own lungs.. After almost death she was restored to proper health, scares and other wounds gone.

Skipping ahead years, Undone is now on a.. Journey? Yes, a Journey.. A journey on finding Zanabel, to make her pay, to make her pay for what she had done to her. Undone being very layed back, and being very.. Calm most the time, was odd for her to do something like this. After not long of searching she had found connections on where to find this beast, and of course, she did. She came across Zanabel and the group she had been in for some time. But when she came across them, she had gone. Rumor spoke of the creature going off to train one of her new shiny forms.

Skipping ahead, Undone was now known to this odd group: Shadow, Newlee, Xion, Rosada, Starr O, Zayla, Scarlet, and last but not lest, Taylor. Shadow's band, and Zanabel's band of missfit Minions.. Ho hum. Undone got mad about Scarlet doing something or other, and killed her.. Taking on many new forms, ones she has yet to figure out all of them, adding on to her Small cat form and Dire Wolf form, she now has a fire form, and a flying form.. What she has found out so far. (When Undone kills something with forms, she takes the DNA of it you could say, copies it with her own and she can take on that form. Her colors and all, and if the person is brought back, they are still able to take on they're old forms.)

Skipping some stuff. Shadows froms fightings. Zayla now thinking a stuffed animal is the 'Real' Un.. Etc.

Undone took her stepping. Small cat, head held high would take her paw steps just right. With every cream, almost white paw step her pride would seem to become more of a flame. Puffed out cream chest would be held with the same pride that she serged her feet work with. Odd silver like eyes would blink, eye lids covering the almost seeming silver speced orbs. Before her stood an older looking man.. Age hadn't looked to kind to him. Jaw would drop, the smell of his oldness would slick so smoothly over her scent glands.. Something was up. She'd find her way to him.. Head of many browns and blacks would title and almost seem to have a 'Hello?' look to her. Jawings would snap shut as an object of interest would be taken out. A staff maybe? It would be placed infront of her like a lolli pop to a baby. A dazed sort of look would snap her hard.. The old man would speak of something.. Something about taking this sword. Cat jaws would yet be opened again, the swords halter would be placed into the cats jaws.. And she'd face plant the ground. Cat face, sword, chest, into the ground. The pride would seem to fade as the cat creature became a zombie. Rump would be in the air, tail straight like a rod sticking out of concrete. The old man would seem to be mad, wording of fearce something or other would be yelled at the cat, forcing her to get to her front paws.. Dragging the tip of the blade in the soil. Un could see everything going in front of her hollowed out body. Much force would be kicking, trying to excape this hipnocous.

More to come, Undone.